Text Box: Explore The Culture
123 Spanish will focus on learning Spanish and discovering Spanish Latin culture. 

Our school offers an opportunity to give your child a fun and interactive cultural experience without leaving town.   There are so many unique and fascinating experiences to be found in the Spanish speaking world, our classes will provide a whirlwind of engaging material that children will love.   

Our school will immerse your child in the Spanish language and culture.  Our activities will include crafts, games, music, dance and fun.  All in the Spanish language of course.

Discover the Language, Explore the Culture and Open the Doors for the Future.

Discover the Language, Explore the Culture and Open the Doors for the Future.


Immersion Spanish for Preschoolers.


Phone: 425-495-0499

E-mail: lorena.123spanish@yahoo.com

Discover the Language

123 Spanish is more than an ordinary Spanish preschool.  All of our classes are Immersion classes, that means that almost everything we do, is done in Spanish.


Children learn language by listening and repeating all in an immersion environment.


Students will have the opportunity to hear, speak and interact in Spanish through a variety of formats,   Including speaking, singing, playing and more.

Open the Doors for the Future

Childhood is the best time to develop an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures, peoples, and perspectives in the world. Preschoolers are aware of differences, but harmful prejudices develop during the elementary school ages. Consistent positive exposure and interaction are the best prevention.


Children of today will need to be bilingual to be successful in the global society and reality of their adulthood. Today two languages are useful - tomorrow they will be required, and a third language will be desired.